Ulva hantverksförening is organizing a crafting fair 3-4 September 2022, for artisans to share their work and visitors to be inspired and peruse fascinating handicrafts.

We always strive for a diversified and non-competitive supply of handcrafted goods, with handicraft and art in the center of our focus. It should be noted that we rarely or completely avoid vendors of food and beverage(with the exception goods meant to be consumed at home/ at a later time such as delectable cheeses and sausages etc.).

Last day to submit your application is 15th of July. Tardy applications will have an added fee of 300kr + 25% tax(moms)! Send in your applications in time!

Application form at the bottom of the page.

Opening hours

Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods are to be made before 9:30 as well as after the market’s closing hours (see opening hours). Parking is free for sellers/vendors and is in close proximity to the market location.


The handicrafts that are mention in the application form and/or has written approval.

Placement cost

Cost: 400 kr + 25% tax(moms) per meter, minimum 3 meters.


If in need of electricity, a cost of 400 kr + 25% (tax) moms is applied.

Seller/private entrepreneur

Display your seller’s/company’s name clearly and visibly in your market stall.

Misc. information – good to know

The market is organized outdoors and each seller is responsible for tables, shelter or similar utilities, including hand sanitizers.

Once you have received an invoice from Ulva hantverksförening the application is legally binding.

General information and placement will be sent to the participants latest the 31st of august.

A hearty welcome!
Ulva hantverk och hyresförening

Application for Ulva autumn market 2022