Ulva Association

Ulva artisans rental association

Uppsala Municipality owns and maintains the surrounding nature in Ulva Kvarn and rents out the crafts village. The association consists of the craftsmen and companies that are active in and around Ulva Kvarn. The association’s members rent premises from the Uppsala municipality and the association represents the members in conjucture to the municipality. The association also enables larger projects such as the Ulva Autumn Market, Christmas / Winter Market, Boot Fairs to mention a few. Further details are available in the Events section.

Brief background and history

It all started in the autumn of 1983 when a group of artisans in Uppsala began to dream of a comfortable common place where they could concentrate their minds to creating their crafts and market their products.
After an extensive research for the ideal place and several dialogue & contact with the Uppsala Municipality, the eyes fell on the picturesque rural idyll of Ulva Kvarn. It had been twenty years since the mill operation had closed down, but the people still visited the area to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

In the spring of 1984, Glashyttan Ulven started its operations and in June of the same year, the area officially opened with only the Glassworks Ulven and Cafe Strömstaren. But subsequently during the autumn more craftsmen moved in with their business. There were several artisans workshop including pottery, carpentry, textiles, smithy and art gallery. Everyone worked full time with their crafting and trading to sustain their livelihood, which made the area quite unique in Sweden.

During the 1980s and 90s, the craftsmen ran their respective businesses and leather work and furniture renovation were added at the same time as the smithy moved out. Ever since 1984, the various business owners in Ulva have collaborated on marketing and various common events in the area via the Ulva Kvarn artisan and rental association. The association has also been responsible for the management of the area apart from the Uppsala Municipality.

During the 2000s, a “generational change” was reflected by the opening of Ulva several new stores and fewer artisans. Lots of common matters are still handled by the association. A lot of organizing and work is laid down each year to carry out the several events that occur around the year in Ulva.

Maintenance of the area
Ulva is owned and managed by Uppsala Municipality. If you have questions about the surroundings or management of the area, contact them at the municipality’s website

Ulva Kvarn is also one of Uppsala’s outdoor nature areas. You can, for example, swim and fish in the river.
Read further information at Upplandsstifelsen