Cooperation and Sustainability

Cooperation and Sustainability

1) Economically
All operations are conducted on a small scale with 1-3 employees.
Many of the local businesses in Ulva produce handcrafted arts and crafts – unique objects or limited edition.
The watchmaker makes repairs wall clocks, table clocks, pocket clocks, wristwatches and older clocks,

If you want to mend your jewellery or any of your favourite possesion talk to, for example, the glass workshop or the silversmith’s and they will be happy to help you out.

The Antique boutique or thrift store sells second-hand goods and gives thousands of beautiful items for a new home every year.

2) Social Cooperation
We are 9 companies in Ulva that have formed an association called Ulva artisan and rental association to work for a more sustainable business. We organize several events every year with the aim of making the area around Ulva more attractive. The collaboration around marketing and events makes the individual companies less vulnerable. We work actively to invite collaboration with local artists and the association. We are also members of the associations Tidernas väg and Åstråken, both of whose work focuses for a vibrant and lively countryside.

Some examples of our sustainable events:

Ulva Boot Fair (flea market) – 25 Sundays May to October. The flea market is very popular and especially well attended during the summer months and many Uppsala residents come here who buy and sell used goods. The perfect way to recycle and reuse.

The autumn and christmas market has been a tradition for over 30 years. We invite artists, crafters and various artisans from all over Sweden to exhibit and sell their creation at our markets. Usually there are 100-150 exhibitors. We work with a local sports association that helps us with the logistics around visitor parking and other details.

We plan to start another market with the theme Remake – sustainable fashion and design.

3) Environment
We are conscious of the environment and always encourage public transportation in all our advertisements and on our website. always inform about which public transport is available to get to Ulva in advertising and on the website. The association has been a driving force for 25 years in the work for us to get a bike path from Uppsala.

Ulva Flea Market is one of the largest players in terms of recycling in Uppsala and the adjoining municipalities.